Sample Layouts

Below are samples of arrangements of sails in different styles of conservatory.

Choose your conservatory style to see what arrangements could be used in your conservatory.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image or download the PDF for that type..

Chamfered  pdf

Chamfered Option 1 Chamfered Option 2 Chamfered Option 3 Chamfered Option 4 Chamfered Option 5 Chamfered Option 6 Chamfered Option 7   

Georgian Hipped  pdf

Georgian Hipped 01 Georgian Hipped 02 Georgian Hipped 03 Georgian Hipped 04 Georgian Hipped 05

Georgian Double Hipped  PDF

Georgian Double Hipped 01 Georgian Double Hipped 02 Georgian Double Hipped 03 Georgian Double Hipped 04 Georgian Double Hipped 05

Georgian Gable  PDF

Georgian Gable Option 1 Georgian Gable Option 2 Georgian Gable Option 3 Georgian Gable Option 4 Georgian Gable Option 5

Georgian L Shaped  PDF

Georgian L Shaped Option 1 Georgian L Shaped Option 2 Georgian L Shaped Option 3 Georgian L Shaped Option 4 Georgian L Shaped Option 5 Georgian L Shaped Option 6

Lean To  PDF

Lean to Option 1 Lean to Option 2 Lean to Option 3 Lean to Option 4 Lean to Option 5 Lean to Option 6 Lean to Option 7 Lean to Option 8

Lean To Hipped  PDF

Lean to Hipped Option 1 Lean to Hipped Option 2 Lean to Hipped Option 3

Victorian  PDF

Victorian Option 1 Victorian Option 2 Victorian Option 3 Victorian Option 4 Victorian Option 5 Victorian Option 6 Victorian Option 7 Victorian Option 8 Victorian Option 9